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Liberato Tallow

Lip Balm 3- Pack

Lip Balm 3- Pack

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Indulge in the richness of Lip Balm 3 Pack


-100% grass-fed tallow

-vanilla extract

- organic beeswax

-peppermint essential oil

-spearmint essential oil

-orange essential oil

One of the greatest pleasures in life is feeling comfortable, confident, and beautiful. Our Lip Balm 3-Pack provides exactly that. Not only does it keep your lips moisturized, but it also gives them a gorgeous shine that lasts all day. This lip balm goes on smoothly, nourishing your lips and preventing chapped lips.

Made from natural ingredients, this lip balm revitalizes your lips, making them look healthier and more radiant. It comes in a convenient 3-pack, so you can always have a lip balm wherever you go. Keep one in your purse, one at home, and one at work. Never worry about dry, cracked lips again!

In this pack, you'll get three lip balms in our most popular flavors: strawberry, mint, and vanilla. Each one providing a subtle, natural aroma that you'll love. Additionally, they glide on easily without leaving a sticky residue. Perfect for people on the go!

Give your lips the love they deserve with our Lip Balm 3-Pack. You'll see a noticeable difference after the first application! It's time to say goodbye to uncomfortable, chapped lips and say hello to beautiful, moisturized lips. Order your pack today and let your lips experience the magic!

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